Our Refund Policy

Return Policy


Refunds, returns, and exchanges

We would be able to offer:

  1. A gift card for one free sticker (available for one time use)
  2. Cancel your order and receive a refund

Under the following circumstances: 

  1. Delivery times have exceeded our expected time
  2. Our order arrives damaged 

What Should I Do?
Contact us at contact@cardsforacause.com.au with your name and order number and we can keep in touch from there!

Note: We will be communicating with you solely through email for regarding returns/refunds to simplify the entire process, thus reach out to us via email for returns/refunds ONLY. 

My Order Arrives Damaged

Your order arrives damaged if the product appears torn or damaged, or if the specifications are incorrect. This does not include damage to the packaging or outer envelope in which your product is delivered.

In the event that your order arrives damaged, please email us as soon as possible at contact@cardsforacase.com.au with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We address these on a case-by-case basis and will try our best to work towards a satisfactory solution.