Our Vision

Here at Cards, we strongly believe that education extends far beyond what you learn at school. Whilst grades are important, we don't want to just develop good students.

We want to develop well-rounded individuals with the ability to thrive in their future pursuits and an intrinsic motivation to continuously learn and further themselves.

That's why at Cards, our vision is to empower students by equipping them with a proactive mindset and transferable skill set which will set them on a lifelong journey of education.

We aim to achieve this through the provision of material support such as public transport passes and holistic development initiatives to motivate and inspire disadvantaged students from 20 schools throughout the Asia-Pacific region by 2025 so that they can take full advantage of educational and career opportunities.


Our Core Values


In a world brimming with diverse personalities, beliefs and experiences, having an empathy-driven culture helps us better understand the issues facing disadvantaged students, improve our team cohesion, and ultimately enables us to achieve our goals and create a positive impact on our community.


A single moment of inspiration is all it takes for change to occur. That's why at Cards, individually and collectively, we strive to inspire one another, our students and the wider community to do good and become better.


As a social enterprise, it's important that we remain flexible and adaptable to the constant changes that are happening around us. We want to always be "on our toes", ready to quickly pounce on the opportunities that come our way or respond to unexpected developments (*cough cough* COVID).


Only through fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, accepted and supported, can we expect to deliver the best results for our customers and effectively support disadvantaged students.