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At Cards for a Cause, we believe in supporting educational equality for students experiencing these disadvantages. As such, we aim to address this issue by raising awareness and capitalising on the desire for customisable designs for Myki passes. Further developing on this trend, we have expanded our operations into the credit card market as well, allowing for more opportunity for users to customise.

Through our innovative approach, Cards for a Cause has generated revenue surpassing $14,000 over the past financial year, with all profits directed towards subsidising public transport to disadvantaged students in Victoria. We have pledged to purchase 100 yearly Myki Passes for a school in Melbourne. However, due to COVID restrictions we are currently looking to subsidise internet access for students.

We run an annual Design Competition targeted at aspiring university designers from all across Victoria, with the winning entries becoming featured designs on our website. To accompany the design competition, we also have design workshops with industry professionals as speakers. We are building a community of entrepreneurs and designers that are committed to having a positive impact on other people's lives.

Cards for a Cause is also launching its own Social Entrepreneurship Discovery Program for high school students. A select group of ~40 students will be chosen to participate in this startup The hackathon-style event also include presentations and workshops regarding social entrepreneurship and the means in which to get involved.

These workshops are an opportunity for students to harness pivotal entrepreneurial skills and directly connect with our team to gain an insight on the industry. Our over-arching goal is to extent our social impact beyond monetary means.

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