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Marietta's Supercar
Marietta's Supercar

Marietta's Supercar

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Introducing Jack Warren,

Jack is a designer from RMIT with a real passion for racing, driving and anything that moves on four wheels. Here's a few choice words from him:

"I got into cars and bikes at a really young age and always had a passion for drawing them. Today I'm working with university racing teams to make awesome paint schemes and drawing even more cars, bikes and on occasion people."

Being able to take the train or the bus to go to school is something that most of us take for granted. For many students around the world, public transport costs presents a huge financial burden on their families. 

All profits on the sale of this sticker will go towards subsidising public transport costs for disadvantaged high school students. 


This sticker is waterproof and durable with a sleek and smooth finish! What's more, applying it is easy - simply peel and stick.