Behind the Cards: Nadya Hertanto

About Nadya

Nadya's design journey started when she had her first art class in pre-school, when her beige-coloured crayon touched the paper for the very first time.

3 years ago, when she watched the making of Moana and realised that her heart would skip a beat whenever she saw an animated movie and how it can inspire young kids, Nadya decided to study animation.

    Nadya writes about her design:

    "Pigeons. I am hoping that when people see my pigeon design, they would immediately see that pigeons are the queens and kings of Melbourne. They are literally everywhere just waiting for you to drop that avocado hanging from your sushi roll. My design is 3 pigeons holding sustainable utensils (reusable chopsticks, a keep-cup, and a rattan shopping bag) because Melbourne is well on its way to using no plastic bags, no plastic cups, and no more plastic utensils! These pigeons are setting an example on how to live an environmentally friendly life, people! 

    Before this design competition, I haven’t heard much about customising your own myki (which is such a shame) until I bumped into Cards for a Cause’s instagram account. I checked out their website, and WOW! Their mission, which is to tackle the problem of inequalities head on, needs more public recognition. Financial issues are something a lot of people are struggling with and the fact is that transportation is a basic human need that some people can’t have at the moment. I am so glad to know that this is something that is currently being changed and more underprivileged students can make their way to school everyday.

    In 5 years, I see myself happily working in a/n (diverse) animation company, creating my own animated TV series with an Indonesian protagonist. As well as freelancing on the side, maybe making more myki designs?"

    Nadya's Role Model is... *drumroll*

    Her sister.

    "I have known her all my life, and I don’t know anyone who is as fearless as she is (except when it comes to horror movies or bungee jumping). She taught me all about sustainability, diversity, and basically how to live in 2019. She is also my supporter, and pushes me to chase after my dreams (as cheesy as that sounds)."  

    Fun Facts About Nadya

    • My parents thought I was a boy as an embryo. What happened in that ultrasound scan, I will never know.

    • I am terrified of fish and seagulls.

    • I am pescatarian (seafood and vegetables only!)


    Nadya's final message to our readers:

    "I hope you will help play a part in helping students travel to schools, by customising your own myki cards, or maybe buying one of our designs!"



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