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Behind The Cards: Tian Qin

It all started with the thought of building my own dream room since I was six which has kick started my design journey, where the only thing limiting me would be my own creativity. I looked up to Nimura Daisuke as my role model which can be clearly shown through his Myki card design submissions.

After coming across Cards for a Cause from my graphic design tutor, I have found it to be meaningful but a difficult mission which needs more attention from PTV to assist on. From there, I then came across our competition flyers and the rest will be history. 

As graduation is right around the corner, I felt that the carefree days are coming to an end and it is time for me to be serious. Such feelings during this transition period are translated into both of his Myki designs through the themes of being "childlike" and "crazy" with people dancing in trams and toddlers crawling around the canvas. Sometimes, such designs have acted as an escape from reality where I am able to be myself, away from the seriousness and heaviness rested upon his shoulders. Through this competition, I am able to self reflect and getting support from others around him which I am truly grateful of. 

In five years, I see myself embarking on a quest in pursuing a better understanding towards the modern art by traveling around the world and observing how different cultures has created various forms of art. 


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