Behind the Cards: Sandra Lin

Introducing... Sandra Lin, our next featured artist! Her design, When I See You Again, came 2nd in our 2020 Design4Impact competition. 


Huge congratulations to Sandra! We managed to conduct a short interview with Sandra to discuss her journey so far as an artist.

Sandra reflects on her experience creating a design for our competition:

"This design was actually the first artwork that I’ve done in a while, it’s been years really. I haven’t had the chance to do anything artistic in a while, though some would argue that as an architecture student I design all the time. This is true but for me it is a different type of creative. I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing, likely because one of my earliest memories is painting watercolors with my grandma. I know I’ll always be drawn to design and creating in some shape or form."


We asked Sandra what design meant to her. Here's what she has to say:

"I design not because I think I have the best ideas or solutions, but because I want to offer alternative spaces and images that create great moments and memories. Design is powerful because it can hold so much meaning. I always want to design for people and with people. Which was why Cards for a Cause Competition was so fun. It was the conversations with my friends and family about what they missed most that actually inspired my design for the competition. It’s the simple things in life that are the best. I think what Cards do is great and the cause is what motivated me to pull myself away from the books and tv shows to keep adding details to my design- it felt like I was designing something especially for my friends and family- and to help kids get to school made it even better!"


When quizzed on the importance of design and her personal inspirations, Sandra says:  

"I think the most important part of design these days is creating something meaningful and of quality. Perhaps I am a sentimental artist, what I really was missing during lockdown was face to face human contact. I love big family gatherings, but being stuck interstate was awful. Travel and dining out really didn’t matter as much to me. Of course I wanted to do those things but I’d give those entertainments up in a heartbeat to see my family again.

I think that’s why I've been drawing people and culturally relevant things since. I used to paint and draw animals, landscapes and travel destinations, now I draw people. I guess that’s my new normal, my artistic change as impacted by COVID.


Sandra's reflects on her journey so far as an artist: 

I’m still on the search for my style and what sort of work I want to create. But I hope anyone reading this joins me on that journey- everything is more fun with friends.

The idea of perfection can often stop us from starting- but don’t let it! Just start. People can tell how much effort and how much of yourself you put into things." 


Thanks for participating in our competition, Sandra!


Here are some of Sandra's other designs:


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