Behind the Cards: Zahraa

Nuruzzahraa Mohd Raznan is the winner of our 2019 Myki design competition. She is a student artist who is fascinated by architecture and buildings. As an avid traveller, she enjoys sketching iconic buildings from all around the world.

About Zahraa

Zahraa has always been intrigued by the world around her, having a keen eye especially for buildings. She finds it fascinating that people find different meaning and purpose to man-made structures. As an avid traveler, she hopes to show people around the world with her globally-inspired designs.  
A fun fact about Zahraa is that she enjoys travelling, especially backpacking through a foreign country. She believes that simply a rented car, public transport or just a pair of feet will allow anyone to immerse in local culture. She has climbed Poon Hill in Nepal and hopes to climb Mount Everest one day!

    Her Design Journey

    Zahraa's passion for art and design began as a primary school student, where she loved art lessons and drawing with colour pencils. Growing up with a father who is an engineer and artist further fueled her interest in architectural art. She loves the intricate details that elevate the distinct features of a building. 
    In five years, she sees herself working in a team for a project to design for the public. Also, she hopes to become more outgoing and  less intimidated by what other people think of her. She believes life is short, so she needs not waste any opportunity that can turn into something significant. 

    Zahraa's Drawing Process

    Zahraa begins her design by choosing a picture of the architecture of the best angle. She makes a rough sketch using pencil and then traces with pen on top. Sometimes, it takes her a physical visit  (as in the Japanese Temple) to get a feel of the space; she likes to recreate the feeling through experimenting with different angles. 
    For the competition, she chose to draw Flinders St as she believes it is the most iconic building in Melbourne. It took her approximately two hours to complete the piece, which was first drawn with pen and later shaded with Photoshop.
    Winning Design: Through the Heart of Melbourne


    Style / Inspiration

    • Instragram: #pensketch where I get to see other people sketch
    • Realistic: black and white photograph
    A day in Nara
    A Triangular-shaped Japanese temple like an umbrella, differ from the Western style
    Up the Unknown - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    The Look Out - Beit Ed-Deen, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
    Silently - Shaikh Isa's House, Muharraq, Bahrain


    Zahraa's final message for anyone interested in design:

    "If you really like creating things, just go for it. Takes a little time management and passion, but it's so worth it!"

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