Behind the Cards: Monica Yu

Monica Yu is our next featured artist! Her design, Restful Ride, was one of the finalists of our hugely successful Design4Impact competition, held in 2020.


Monica writes of her motivation for entering the competition:

"My need to break away from the monotony of online studying pushed me to join the competition. I was getting bored and feeling exhausted, but drawing little illustrations of cute animals has always made me feel better. Drawing for a just cause made it all the more gratifying."


When quizzed about the inspiration behind her design, Monica explains:

"Knowing that I'd be returning to campus soon was exciting, but remembering the early morning train rides wasn't. My inspiration for the piece stemmed from the idea that perhaps being seated next to a sleepy kangaroo or standing next to a fuzzy wombat would make the trip more enjoyable."


We also asked Monica about what she learned through the process of creating her design. Here's what she has to say:

"Every illustration I do is an adventure. This piece in particular helped me refine a softer shading technique that I feel helped to bring out the cuteness of the animal passengers." 

 We're glad we've been able to be a part of your artistic adventure, Monica!


Check out some of Monica's other amazing designs:

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