Behind the Cards: Jackie Liu

Hey! I'm Jackie (@jackieldesign), a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator from New Zealand, based in Melbourne. I'm currently in my second year at RMIT University, studying Communication Design. 




"Cards for a Cause kindly offered me a chance to design a sticker for them, which is infinitely exciting considering the wonderful work they're doing for our community. The illustration I've made is a light-hearted one, depicting a common misconception those overseas have of Australia. You may have heard this too – "I used to think Australians rode on kangaroos!" Though I've fortunately never been a victim of this belief, I find it incredibly amusing. The imagination this provoked really stuck with me–perhaps there's some utopia in which we coexist with kangaroos as our friendly (and bouncy) modes of transport."




"I still find it difficult to articulate. There's a great quote from Refractions, a collection of essays by artist Makoto Fujimura, who words the necessity for the arts much better than I ever could: "Perhaps that is why we need the arts. By continuing to create and imagine a better world, we live. We have no alternative today. The path of apathy, the path of cynicism and the path of terrorists have incarnated their realities into our back-yards. To have hope is no longer an optimist's escapism— it is the only path to the future." A bit dark, but I think the point stands strong."




"My philosophy is that inspiration should primarily come from a constant observation of the world and the people within. I feel a bit strange answering the question "what are you inspired by?" since my response is always and automatically everything. If you find yourself selectively fascinated, why? As Einstein said, "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle."

Even so, I'll put together a comprehensive list of creatives because I know it's always fun to go through them!

In no particular order, here are only a few of my favourite creatives, dead or alive, that I have endless love for: Olafur Eliasson, Sonnenzimmer, Erik Winkowski, Anastassia Zamaraeva, Braulio Amado, Yu Hong, M.C Escher, Hans Haacke, María Medem, Aaron Lowell Denton, Jackson E. Joyce, Shun Sasaki and Ryan Carl. Check 'em out :)"




"The truth remains, though, that graphic design and illustration are not who I am, it's a part of what I do. It's what I believe I'm quite good at, my professional practice, one of my numerous passions.

Whether you're a creative or not, one of the most important things I can encourage in this hustle culture is a critical reflection on the purpose of your hustle, and of course, your purpose for being. An existential crisis is always good for you, I reckon.

For me (a Christian), I believe all things I do should point towards the glory of God—not necessarily through the end product (though that would be cool) but also through the people I encounter in the process, the things I share and decisions I make. How this works is complex—I'm still constantly learning. But it has revealed to me that there's a very real and fulfilling purpose that is not money, stability, fame, validation, brief pleasures or self-actualisation. If you'd like to chat to me more about it, shoot me a DM and I'd love to have a conversation, or hear your take on why you hustle (design or not)!"



"I'm learning a lot of things. The current skills I'm tackling are animation, 3D graphics as well as creative coding! I'd love to possibly try designing for the music industry one day. There are some wonderful paths I could be taking in my future, none of which I've decided concretely upon. I am, definitely, excited to see what and who will come my way."



You can follow my work at @jackieldesign on Instagram, or email me at Catch ya later!

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