Behind The Cards: Cassia Chau

Our next featured artist, Cassia Chau, is originally from Auckland, New Zealand.

A fun fact about Cassia is that she has exactly 169 freckles!


Cassia's journey as an artist started with something as simple as creating handwritten cards for her family and friends when she was little. Over time, it gave her eye for composition, typography, colour and style. Cassia is more than just an artist, she’s studying to become an engineer! She sees herself designing and building robots, cars or any other awesome machinery. 

For her 'Happy Travels' design, she incorporated core parts of "daily life" from her observations about Melbourne: the ever changing weather, bright and exciting art around every corner and the long daily commutes that so many take through the transport system. 



"I think that Cards for a Cause is a great initiative. Being able to help disadvantaged students is very rewarding, and being able to pair that with Myki stickers as such a unique yet useful product that I believe many can enjoy just makes it better."

When asked about her role models, Cassia replied:

“I really look up to Ms. Cullinane, my design teacher from high school because of how she put up with me and taught me despite how annoying I was in class.”


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