Behind The Cards - Atulya

"With a passion of supporting local notebook making artisans during the pandemic, Atulya has embarked upon her journey as a designer, one notebook at a time."

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Atulya writes:

"As someone who is interested in art and design and without any professional experience in design, I started an e-commerce business last year to support local notebook making artisans during the pandemic, where I sold notebooks with covers designed by me.

I believe that design has the potential to create a positive impact on one’s mind as it has this unique power to communicate with people in ways words can’t explain.

When I reached out to Cards for a Cause as a volunteer card cover designer, I knew I wasn’t as talented as professional designers but just knew that I wanted to be a part of the positive change the organisation is bringing about with their cause to support children’s education. I’ve loved the journey!

We are very happy to have Atulya on board volunteering as a designer for Cards for a Cause! Now, she continues to make an impact, one Myki sticker at a time.

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We're so excited to see how you grow as an artist, Atulya!

PS: If you would like to purchase Atulya's stickers, click on the green button below the sticker image!

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